This category are courses for the Answer is Yes Trainers or Brand Ambassadors.  

Resource library is available to trainers and brand ambassadors.

Obtain Marketing materials; trainer profiles and the recordings from the trainers and brand ambassador meetings.

This course has been created for approved The Answer is Yes Trainers, so that you can create your own courses.  If you wish to add your course to our platform please make an appointment with Corrina to discuss. 

NOTE: We only accept trainers with 10 years experience applying their knowledge. Or in exceptional cases we will will accept less than 10 years but your course must go through a peer review by at least three (3) of our trainers before we publish.

By following the advice in this guide, narrowing your target audience, creating great content, attractive pricing bundles, compelling descriptions, and ongoing promotion, you can achieve success and reach new levels of success with your online course business.


The Answer is Yes Brand Ambassador Induction Program