Indigenous Training

Bridging the Gap: Understanding the Importance of Indigenous Training in Australia

The history of the Aboriginal people in Australia is a rich tapestry of culture, customs, and traditions that date back thousands of years. Unfortunately, this ancient heritage has been largely undermined by the devastating effects of colonization, which have left the Indigenous populations marginalized, dispossessed, and disenfranchised. To address this imbalance, Indigenous training has become an important tool in creating greater awareness and understanding of Aboriginal culture and history, as well as the challenges and issues facing the community.


How to finally get Cultural Clarity in 5 easy steps, without guilt, blame, or anger.

Aboriginal Cultural Awareness 60,000 years condensed to 1-hour general induction through online training.

My training, 5 Steps to Cultural Clarity to Counteract Racism explains how Indigenous people are different and require something a bit different from you and your team. This Cultural Clarity will help you make changes that improve your outcomes. You will nail your strategic planning and risk management. You will be able to meet the needs of your organisation staff and clients. You will be able to lead your team with confidence and build "street cred" with the broader community".

Bias is a topic that we all need to pay attention to in our daily lives. It comes in many forms and it affects the way we think, behave, and make decisions. When it comes to workplace performance, bias can have a detrimental effect on our ability to perform at our best. That is why recognizing and overcoming bias is essential for anyone who wants to succeed in their chosen profession.